AirPhex (2015)

FX sound controller with your arm movements, wirelessly!

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AirFX UI Feb 2015

Posted by Just Add Music Media on Thursday, 26 February 2015
Funky Now Morning

Morning routine... built > debug > perform #airphex Thalmic Labs Developers

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What kind of prototype is this!?

Airphex enables the Myo armband from Thalmic Labs to control your favorite music production and performance tools in three dimension's using MIDI or OSC. Record and playback saved interactions for a guided precise performance.
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Visit Thalmic Labs

Visit Thalmic Labs

Beach Hut in Indonesia. #debug #code #perform

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Miss my Indonesia beach (short edit)

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All too unbeivable for your audience.

Live camera feeds from your Go Pro, Cannon DSLR or wirelessly from your iOS device.

Why did I Create this?

Thalmic Labs asked me back in October 2013 to test their alpha prototype unit of the Myo. After some inital tests I decided to port my Swoosh application over to their hardware, from here AirPhex was born.
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How is this done?

Outputting MIDI and an audio tone Air Phex has a two way communication between your favorite music application. But Airphex is not limited to Ableton and Serato and can be used with any MIDI supported application. We have developed Ableton control surfaces and Serato documents to allow two visual feedback in Airphex.
The Myo days

Debug > Built > Perform (day 2) #airjam #myo #iphone #applewatch #serato

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Airphex Live #archive

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Philips Hue Lighting controlled by AirPhex

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Native Control Surfaces for Ableton and Serato

Select our AirPhex control surface in Ableton or simply drag and drop an custom composition into Serato Video for native timeline support


Airphex was worked on with the legendary scratch DJ JFB.

Unedited dev logs

Quick video logs, real time recordings for future reference or to send to certain to Magic Leap Wizards. Never really meant to ever see the day of light but prehaps you could make it into some thing great.