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Color Art (Palette) Picker

A Quartz Composer plug in that generates a color palette from an inputted image.

Why create this?

Itunes 11 display a new view style that visually matches the track listing to the album’s cover art. The result is an attractive display of textual information that seamlessly integrates with the album’s artwork. I wanted to copy this effect for dynamic UI’s.
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Quartz Composer

The QC plugin analyses an inputted image asynchronously to produce five color outputs. Allowing dynamic UI’s with matching background color and text color that fits with the color scheme of the inputted image.

Origami Version

An updated Quartz Composer composition to show the Color Palette Plugin working within Origami v2
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Download the Build and Source Code

Download and copy the QCColourArt.plugin to your /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins folder



Source Code

Source Code