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Mixed Reality Turntables concept (2016)

A turntable based rhymic game for learning how to perform on two turntables using a mixed reality display.

Or just for watching your living room come alive based on a real time or recorder performance from JFB, Fatboy Slim and Beardy Man.

Wanna DJ like JFB?

This is JFB. We're going to beam his performances straight in to your Mixed Reality headset.
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Developer Log

Experiments using Unity and live recordings of JFB on the wheels of steel

Unity Serato test export 5 Dec 2016

Posted by Just Add Music Media on Monday, 5 December 2016

Posted by Just Add Music Media on Wednesday, 7 December 2016

What am I looking at

Using my proprietary analog to digital turntable software I have developer a system to captured all the juicy data from JFB's turntable routines and play them back within Unity. Below is a three dimensional recreation of the realtime movements of two turntables. Movements can be recorded, played in realtime or streamed via a network.

Unity Serato test export 5 Dec 2016

Posted by Just Add Music Media on Monday, 5 December 2016

Learning via Gamification

This project is intended to display guides via a mixed reality headset, allowing players to copy or improvise JFB's movements on the turntables via a rhymic style game
Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.Benjamin Franklin
The difference between this system and games like DJ/Guitar hero is your using the real instruments, or just you an household object a crossfade, use effects or launch sound bits.
The mixed reality is to be displayed over the actual instruments, overlaying a guidance system that aids the player in copying a professional DJ. The more the system is used by the players the better the player's muscle memorial becomes. Allowing the user to eventually remove the headset and perform the routine back unaided
Below is two simple tests for the crossfader tracking system

The proposed team

Sourcing from local famous DJ friends, a super star Fat man and an audio director wizard


Not just for DJ’s

The intention is to make use of muscle memory, the user minmics professional musicicans using gamification. Once the user is deversed in cloning the musicians actual movements on real instruments they are inadvertantly capable of recreating these ‘routines’ without the aid of the computer system.


Using my experience in facetracking with the Fatboy Slim live show and the Pepsi Halloween adverts we're going to track Beardy Man's face and model it into your living room.
Here's some old video by our amazing director friend Chris Cairns, we intend to use the same projecting head/turntable idea but with realtime 3D models of Beardy Man controlled in realtime by JFB