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iBeacon UX and UI Prototype

What did I Create?

A Quartz Composer and Origami template composition to allow for UI creation and UX testing. Add as many beacons are require, position and color, each beacon communicates its ‘Near, Immermediate and Far’ signals. Core location data is used to calculate the angle of beacon

Why did I Create this?

I was asked by an agency to work on a musem installation for a famous musican. 2 months in the project was hijacked by one of the sponsors. Sadly in that time I had finished a UX document and built an UI prototyping frame for iBeacons. Que Sera, Sera, their loss.

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Philips Hue

Using this UI framework I created a concept iBeacon application for Philips Hue. More information coming soon. See my Philips Hue project for information on my Quartz Composer Hue plugin.


Open Sourced

The source files are published to GitHub so you can design your own UI’s.


Download the Build and Source Code

Run in Quartz Composer using Facebooks Origami addition

Requires OSX 10.8

Download the App

Download the App

Source Code

Source Code