Built for the Launch of the Leap Motion 2013

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What did I Create?

Reach into Swoosh and control your music in a whole new way. The Leap Motion Controller tracks both hands and all 10 fingers with incredible speed – so you can play, perform, and jam without touching anything.
Use an iPhone, goPro or Canon DLSL to record, overlay and play back mixed reality experiences

Dump the dull iTunes music experience for more hands-on fun.

Swoosh simulates vinyl control with that vintage pitch sound. Intuitively reach in to control track playback, audio effects and looping. A multiplayer, multi hand experience that was specifically designed for the Leap Motion Controller. Listen, music is always a good idea, so leap in.



Twitter posts from the Leap Motion team and I


The app leaves it up to the user to explore this new world and find the pockets of interaction for themselves. Swoosh utilizes the entire gamut of natural movements to create an experience that grows as your skills evolve. The more you use the app the more you'll find your hands egging you towards the view of the Leap Motion Controller wanting to play in this new musical playground. There's a slight learning curve but highly addictive once you've been hooked in by the syncopated beats of Swoosh.

Kiwi Leap Motion User

Definitely for someone who knows what they're doing but this is definitely Minority Report for DJ's

Angelsomething Leap Motion User

Great application which lets you touch and spin your itunes music (without leaving a smudge). Next level music player!

Leap Motion User luku


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Platform: OS X
Version: 1.0.2
Size: 23.5 MB
Age Rating: 3+

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.7+
Intel i5+
120 MB Hard Drive Space
NVIDIA or ATI Graphics Card
4+ GB of RAM

Unique Color Pallet Framework

In order to have the applications color pallet change dependant on the selected track and cover art I developed an Quartz Composer plugin that picks out four primary colors from an image (the cover) and updates the screen accordingly

Leap Motion Plugin for Quartz Composer

We created the Offical Quartz Composer Leap Motion Plug-In and gave it away free to the Quartz Composer Community. You can download it for free here.
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Sep 2012

Received Alpha Prototype Leap Motion Dev Kit

Oct 2012

Commissioned creation of Leap Motion Quartz Composer Plugin

Dec 2012

Early development UI/UX tests

Functionality Roland DLSSynth MIDI control Surface Itunes control Tone frequency output, vinyl simulation for Serato and Trakor

Jan 2013

Working Concept Pitch for Fatboy Slim

April 2013

Swoosh is born

May 2013

Philips Hue Lights Tests

June 2013

iTunes controller framework is complete

07 June 2013

Live camera framework and Midi frameworks added

July 2013

Color Pallet Framework created

18 July 2013

Leap Motion Launch