Swoosh 2 (2014)

Swoosh 2 the iTunes MIDI controller for the Leap Motion v2
Leap Motion and Andy Miller (ex Apple VP) came to me with a developer contribution fund to continue my work on the Swoosh music player. How could I possibily say no to work with such an innovating startup hardware company again.
This time not only do you have iTunes control but MIDI and OSC support
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Live Augmented Reality

These are live Augmented Reality shots of Swoosh 2 in action. No post production work has been done, realtime, unrehearsed development videos.


What is the Leap Motion

Leap Motion Controller. Tiny device. Huge possibilities. Reach into new worlds and control your computer in a whole new way. The Leap Motion Controller tracks both hands and all 10 fingers with incredible speed – so you can play, create, and explore without touching anything.
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Leap Motion Plugin for Quartz Composer

We created the Offical Quartz Composer Leap Motion Plug-In and gave it away free to the Quartz Composer Community. You can download it for free here.
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Research and Prototypes

After endless amount of iterations regarding UX and UI designs I built a dynamic framework in Quartz Composer to illustrate this key control user experiences when using three dimensional movements.


The Control Dial

Leap Motion Control Dial, demonstrating video playback. Written from the ground up this is advance control dial specially man for the Leap Motion and Swoosh. Forwards and backwards playback 5 different playback speeds (dependant on number of fingers) Pitch Shifted audio HD video playback

Source Code

Source Code


Don’t use ugly cursors

Rather than using a ugly cursor I developed a mesh cloth to show the position of your hands and fingers. The framework I created for this can be found here https://github.com/justaddmusic/Leap-Motion-Cloth

Source Code

Source Code


Dual Displays

Two displays running concurrently at no extra cost to your GPU. One for the performer, one for the audience. Note the guidence system that displays on the performer view this is for the performers master screen only.


Development Log

Development prototypes, frameworks and milestones
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Sep 2013

Awarded developer contribution fund for Swoosh 2 by Leap Motion

Sep 2013

Commissioned Ben to continue work on the Leap Motion Quartz Composer Plugin

Download the Leap Motion Quartz Composer plugin

Dec 2013

Live Feed Tests

Jan 2013

First Alpha Release

Jan 2013

Audio Analysis framework added

Feb 2013

Video playback framework created

March 2013

UI and UX drag and drop prototype

August 2013

AR demo

Sep 2014


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