Game Pack (2011)

I love games and I love simplicity.

Here is my game pack focusing on flat design, interaction and fun.

Phone Charger Hot Spots

This game pack was inital built for a phone charging service to be availble in empty phone boxes around the city of Brighton UK. Once the user has download the Origami Live application on their mobile device they can interact with games networked to other charging spots around Brighton.

Networked Multiplayer

Play the game pack over a network or multipe users on one system.

Responsive design

Responsive design for Mobile, Desktop and TV at any orientation.
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Pop Animation Framework

These games make use of the POP Animation Framework for iOS. In Origami I can export animation code and pass this on to an engineer.

// popAnimation transition

if (!animation) {
animation = [POPSpringAnimation animation];
animation.springBounciness =
animation.springSpeed =
10; = [POPAnimatableProperty propertyWithName:
@"popAnimationProgress" initializer:^(POPMutableAnimatableProperty *prop) {
prop.readBlock = ^(ViewController *obj, CGFloat values[]) {
0] = obj.popAnimationProgress;
prop.writeBlock = ^(ViewController *obj,
const CGFloat values[]) {
obj.popAnimationProgress = values[
prop.threshold =

self pop_addAnimation:animation

What did I Create?

A game pack designed to test out new peripheral hardware. I used this game pack constantly to debug iOS touch controls, the Leap Motion hand tracking and arm tracking using Myo from Thalmic Labs.
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Peripherals Support

Bulit in native support for the Leap Motion hand tracking device and Thalmic Labs Myo Muscle and arm movement wearable technology.